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Connect with customers in a whole new way!

At ARticipate we design and build custom Augmented Reality solutions. We work with the latest technology to create experiences for brands that can reach customers in new and engaging ways.


The story is at the center of the experience and this is where we start our process. We collaborate from the initial idea to the final product and help create authentic experiences that are true to your brand and your audience. We build fast prototypes to test and get feedback from an early stage. Depending on the complexity of your idea, projects normally take from 1 to 3 weeks from idea to final product.


Our team

Our team is based in Nørrebro, Denmark. We are a bunch of nerds who love to work with emerging tech and help customers create new type of experiences that people remember. We are developers, sounddesigners, 3D artists and strategists.



In collaboration with Jan kristoffersen from danish party – Alternativet, we developed an interactive campaign poster.


For Home we developed a web application for their store window at Jagtvej. Customers can easily browse featured images and through a quick call to action link, sign up for an apartment.

Bog og Ide

In collaboration with Bog og Ide, we have developed a new way to browse content in store windows. Window shopping has never been more fun!