In collaboration with Museum Vestsjælland, we have developed the app “Tidslommen”. The project focuses on bringing new life to outdoor cultural heritage sites which were unexploited before.

Through experiences and games, the museum can create entertaining outdoor exhibitions and combine nature with history.

The App

The app gives an overview of all outdoor experiences connected to Museum Vestsjælland, through an interactive map of Denmark. Users can choose from many different locations and experiences that provide new ways of exploring outdoor historical and cultural sites. Visitors will receive information about the place and digital experiences when they arrive at the location.

Tidslommen was published in 2017 and has successfully attracted more types of guests to the museum. There are currently 157 different types of experiences available and are continuously updated.

AR Experiences

Together with Museum Vestsjælland, we have tried to redefine what a museum experience is, to attract new types of visitors, and to follow with the digital age. Augmented Reality (AR) gives a new dimension to the visitor experience and makes it possible to travel back in time and recreate landscapes, buildings, and physical objects. This type of technology is therefore ideal for communicating and exploring the history and cultural heritage. We have developed a scalable AR framework of tools for developing interactive guided experiences, interactive narratives, and games. Tidslommen now contains several AR experiences, which mediate history in a fun and engaging way. 

Included Experiences

Ice Age Route​

Tidslommen has 25 different experiences connected to the 390 km long ice age route on Zealand. Here you can explore the landscape that the ice age left behind and learn about the history through game experiences.  

Antvorskov Monastary Ruins​

In the Antvorskov monastery ruins, there are several games to explore. The visitors can protect the coastline from pirates, help a wounded knight, and even have dialogues with people from the past.

Tissø Viking Burial Site

In the old Viking village Tissø you can help a blacksmith make weapons and participate in a sacrifice ceremony. 

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